Application of the Code:
This Code of Ethics defines the principles and standards of business ethics and conduct followed by PLC “FIMA” and expected from our employees in their daily work.
We apply the Code to all employees and members of the supervisory and management bodies of the Group companies, irrespective of their position, Company, or country they work in. 
This Code helps employees to manage their conduct in accordance with the expectations of the Company. The Code delivers to all our stakeholders the principles of ethical and responsible conduct followed by the Company in business practices and reflects what is expected from our business partners.
FIMA – smart infrastructure solution company, operating in the Baltic region.
In everything we do, we are united by the mission to create smart public and private infrastructure.
We are a Company of people. Working with leading partners to develop and deploy the latest technologies, we strive to keep our customers one step ahead of the competition.
Full Code of Ethics for Download