Complex solutions installed by FIMA protect more than 140km of the European Union’s border.

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  • “Every kind of security is a high priority at the plant. Security is ensured at every stage of the waste’s transformation into energy: from it entering the site right through to smoke treatment. The fire prevention system installed by Fima specialists is a reliable part of the plant’s overall security system.”

    Juozas Doniela, director of Fortum Klaipėda
  • “We are happy with how the high-pressure mist fire suppression system operates. It is installed correctly and works faultlessly and we are pleased that it will not incur substantial operating costs.”

    Kristina Stungurienė, Head of the Operational Division of Vilnius University Library
  • “The main requirement that we asked from the service provider was that all installed systems were certified because this is a guarantee that the infrastructure is of the highest quality. Not every contractor in Lithuania can offer such a sophisticated solution.”

    Kristijonas Kaikaris, Microsoft Lietuva director
  • “During all the years that we have worked together, FIMA has never let us down. Its specialists’ no-nonsense approach combined with its consistency in finding the right solution every time are the qualities that we value the most. Our project included finding a technical solution to an issue which had never been attempted in Lithuania before and FIMA was superb in dealing with it.”

    Algimantas Liausėdas, Director of Rokiškis Psychiatric Hospital
  • FIMA is known as a company that is able to adjust to frequent changes, which are inevitable in projects of such a scale, and react to unpredicted situations. In my opinion, in some of these situations the solutions offered by Fima specialists were particularly important, as they allowed us to complete the project on time and to implement all client’s quality requirements.

    Víctor Cervantes, Mechanical Engineering Manager at Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion S.A.U.
  • FIMA is a reliable company that implements IT infrastructure projects.

    Giedrius Trukšinas, Director of IT Department of Danske bank
  • These are top-drawer people with very high levels of experience and competence. There is no doubt that the innovation FIMA has put in place is of huge value to our company.

    Darius Okunevičius, Director of Infrastructure Department of Vilnius International Airport
  • Professionals familiar with the specifics of bank operation who are quick to resolve technical difficulties.

    Rimutis Matulevičius, Procurement and Administration Department, DNB bank
  • We are satisfied with the result of the work because all of our requirements were met.

    Sigitas Žvirblis, Director of Intersurgical, UAB
  • You can entrust the installation of complex engineering systems to FIMA experts.

    Michail Lipkin, Director of UAB Vitras-S.
  • The system is a vital tool for everyday police work. The number of public order violations in the monitored areas has decreased significantly.

    Rolandas Šepetys, Head of the Operational Management Division of Vilnius County Police
  • FIMA has highly qualified staff and fully satisfies the requirements set for a modern company that demands the highest professional standards.

    Audrius Šapola, Director of Prevention Department of SEB bank.
  • Under difficult conditions, the work was carried out to a high standard. FIMA staff displayed a high level of qualification and competence.

    Arvydas Linkus, Head of the Investment Planning and Technical Maintenance Development Department of the Police Department under the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior
  • Our complex project faced many technological challenges and FIMA professionals responded to them perfectly.

    Romualdas Brusokas, Director of the National Public Health Care Laboratory
  • “The data centre equipped by Fima is of the top security level, which is also matched with economic benefit: electric power consumption is reduced owing to modern technologies”.

    Jānis Bokta, the Chairman of the Board of the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre
  • We have co-operated with FIMA for more than a decade. This means that we see them as reliable partnerswho learn and are aware of the specifics of our business and can offer solutions to suit our needs.

    Petras Abaravičius, RIMI IT Infrastracture Director for the Baltic States
  • Several years ago, due to constant border transgressions and smuggling attempts from Russia, a 30 km long Viešvilė frontier section was one of the most difficult border areas to guard in Lithuania.After the deployment of the border security system, there has not beena single breach reported on that section over the course of a year of the year.

    Chief of Staff Colonel Valentinas Novikovas, Deputy Commander of the State Border Guard Service.
  • FIMA specialists always respond quickly to technical issues and the systems that they install are reliable and easy to use.

    Gintaras Radavičius, Director General of Pramogų sala
  • Fima experts demonstrated high competence when implementing the concept of a unifiedsecurity system at the hospital.

    Regina Adamonienė, engineer at Rokiškis psychiatric hospital


  • Security Solutions

    We have completed thousands of security system projects including system installations to protect more than 100km of the European Union border, the perimeter of a nuclear power plant, an oil terminal, banks and other facilities.

    When FIMA is chosen to implement a security project, we don’t simply install an integrated solution – we proactively work with the client to create a unified electronic security concept.

    By partnering with the leading organisations in security technology and by making large investments in our expert staff, we put technology at the heart of what we do. As an integrator employing a team of engineering professionals, we are able to improve the systems we install by adapting them to specific client needs.

  • Security alarm systems

    Security alarm systems

    Responding to the needs of the client and the importance or value of the site, we design and install electronic burglar alarm systems to warn of unauthorised entry into protected sites or areas.

    In many cases it is sufficient to have a traditional security system with standard infrared and glass break detectors.  However, on sites that need high level protection, we install integrated burglar alarm systems which can be combined with access, video surveillance and other important systems. For these we can supply and install highly reliable sensors, security control units which can be easily adapted to client’s needs, as well as other state-of-the-art equipment.

    We co-operate with the leading manufacturers in the area including Genesis Electronics, UTC Climate, Controls & Security, Bosch, DSC, Paradox and Xtralis.

  • Access control systems

    Access control systems

    We offer access control systems which protect against unauthorised entry and record information about people entering and leaving a site. We offer both simple and integrated systems. Our security systems can be used with different technologies including RFID, integrated circuit cards and biometric data readers.

    Modern integrated security systems offer ample opportunity to guarantee site security as well as the integrity of specific rooms and data. Integration of physical access control systems with intelligent video surveillance technologies ensures that people entering premises are accurately identified while integration with logical access control system protects company data and assists in the work of IT and personnel departments performing staff control and rights’ administration.

    Access control systems can also be used for purposes beyond ensuring security. They can be used to organise different working arrangements by setting up and recording time worked as well as used as a tool to collect and process other relevant information.

    We work with Genesis Electronics, Gunnebo, HID Global, Johnson Controls, Kantech, Midpoint Systems, PerCo, UTC Climate, Controls & Security and other companies.

  • Fire alarm systems

    Fire alarm systems

    We offer fire alarm systems which can precisely detect fire and its origin, giving time to people to respond safely to an emergency.

    In modern buildings we can integrate fire alarm systems with building management, public address and fire extinguishing systems to ensure a quick response and to protect employees and visitors. For clients with very high security expectations we offer ultra high sensitivity fire detection solutions such as a very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA) and special temperature sensitive cable.

    We work with UTC Climate, Controls & Security, Cooper Security, Bentel Security, Bosch, Fireray, Rubezh, UniPOS and Schneider Electric.

  • Fire extinguishing systems

    Fire extinguishing systems

    We offer automatic and environmentally-friendly fire extinguishing systems which are extremely effective at minimising fire damage.

    When designing and installing systems, we offer solutions that are tailored to individual needs, for instance in ensuring both property security and minimising damage in the event of a fire. Our solutions include fire suppression that use water, gas, blowing agents or watermist.

    For archives and libraries we can install high pressure watermist fire protection systems with 15 to 20 times higher pressure and which use 80 per cent less water than standard spray systems. As a result, they do not damage property while extinguishing a fire. For very important sites, we offer special rarefield oxygen systems which ensure 100 per cent protection against internal fires.

    Our partners in this field are Marioff, Tyco, Bejaro, Viking and other companies.

  • Video surveillance system

    Video surveillance system

    As representatives of leading manufacturers of video technologies we offer video surveillance solutions for a variety of sites and areas including offices, petrol stations, shops, banks, industrial buildings and other sites with increased security needs.We integrate video surveillance systems with intruder alarm, access control or perimeter security systems. This allows security staff to respond quickly to emergencies.

    While adapting a system to a client's needs, we use cutting-edge software with intelligent motion detection functions giving the client the benefit of automatic incidents registration and response. This contributes significantly to the operational efficiency of surveillance centres, and makes CCTV a vital tool in day-to-day situations.

    For clients who put a strong emphasis on video quality to reveal important details, for instance with vehicle number plates, we offer cutting-edge high resolution megapixel cameras. For surveillance at night or during poor weather, we recommend thermo visors, a night vision equipment.

    As well as CCTV, we install entire data transmission networks, data warehouses and surveillance centres.

    We co-operate with video technology manufacturers Flir Systems, Bosch, Pelco, Arecont Vision, Dallmeier, Digifort, Exacq Technologies, Fine CCTV, Fujinon, Milestone, Samsung, Siqura, Tamron and others.

  • Perimeter security

    Perimeter security

    We offer tailor-made perimeter security solutions for manufacturers, energy facilities, border protection agencies and for other situations where it is vital to identify and stop intruders at the earliest possible stage.

    When designing a perimeter security system, we take into account the specifics of the facility and the characteristics of the area and potential risks. We also strive to achieve a reliable and precise detection of intrusions, with the minimum number of false alarms. Since protected areas often have a diversified structure, we combine and integrate a number of technological solutions to ensure perimeter security including microwave barriers, infrared barriers, buried sensor cables or cables secured on fencing, radars, seismic sensors, video cameras and thermo visor night vision equipment. We provide a unified and user-friendly computer interface for using all of our equipment.

    We co-operate with Flir Systems, Southwest Microwave, Qual-tron, Atsumi, Siaura and UTC Climate, Controls & Security.

  • Substance detection systems

    Substance detection systems

    For customs, airports, border security, banks and other high security situations we offer baggage screening devices including introscopes, explosive detection systems, portable drug and explosive detection devices and state-of-the-art analysers for detection of biological and chemical substances.

    The equipment we supply provides for faster and more accurate detection of prohibited substances as well as improving operational efficiency.

    We offer products from Morpho, a leading company in this field.

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