The first integrated traffic information system in the Baltic States was installed by FIMA and its partners.

Our partners


  • Intelligent transportation systems

    Intelligent transportation systems are one of FIMA’s main areas of expertise. Having extensive experience in key transport infrastructure projects in Lithuania, we can offer professional advice and practical solutions for the transport sector.

    Among the many examples of our work in this area are the first integrated traffic information system in the Baltic States, a centralised traffic management system in Vilnius, the implementation and maintenance of the largest speed camera network in the Baltic States and the modernisation of intersection traffic control systems.

    Working in partnership with academia and consultancies, we are able to conduct special studies to evaluate a traffic organisation situation and possible alternative solutions.

  • Traffic management solutions

    Traffic management solutions

    We offer traffic management solutions for both large and small towns as well as roads of national importance.

    The state-of-the-art traffic management equipment helps to resolve congestion, increase road capacity, reduce fuel consumption, decrease air pollution and to save power and maintenance costs.

    For larger towns, FIMA offers centralised traffic management solutions when all the road-based equipment (i.e. traffic lights, traffic counters and other devices) operate according to specific urban needs and are centrally managed. We also offer attractive public transportation priority systems for larger towns as well as integrating air pollution measurement devices with traffic management systems.

    We install and integrate equipment as well as analyse traffic flows to adjust the operational algorithms of the whole system. By capturing real-time traffic data, we can adjust traffic light cycles at intersections to ensure maximum road capacity and optimum traffic flow.

  • Speed enforcement systems

    Speed enforcement systems

    We offer automatic speed control solutions which contribute significantly to a reduction in road accidents. We build stationary speed control devices as well as portable devices which can be installed in patrol cars. For even more effective speed control, we offer automatic section speed control solutions that help to reduce average speeds.

    Speed enforcement systems not only register speeding vehicles: they can also record drivers who jump red lights or drive in restricted or public transport lanes. To ensure better safety in higher-risk zones – for instance near schools or transit roads – an integration of speed control equipment with traffic lights is recommended.

    When setting up speed control and red light control systems, we install all road equipment, set up a data communication and processing system and install a control centre. We can also integrate the systems with vehicle ownership databases etc.

    To avoid human error, we can make the entire process – from detecting a violation through to issuing a ticket – automatic.

  • Toll solutions

    Toll solutions

    FIMA has a series of road and zone tolling solutions which can help cover the costs of road construction and maintenance as well as regulate traffic flows in particular areas, including automatic tolling solutions in which the entire process from vehicle identification through to the toll charge can be organised without human input.

    Tolling solutions can be based on intelligent video surveillance, number plate recognition as well as RFID or other technologies. Technological solutions can be adapted to prepayment and post-service payment needs. A tolling system can be integrated with vehicle ownership databases.

  • Automatic traffic violations recording and accident registration

    Automatic traffic violations recording and accident registration

    We offer intelligent video surveillance and number plate recognition systems to automatically record traffic violations and accidents.

    A combination of intelligent technologies and a single national vehicle number plate database allows automatic offender detection and registration including when a driver jumps a red light, drives in a lane reserved for public transport or parks illegally etc. Number plate recognition technologies based on neural networks guarantee a very high level of accuracy of recognition.

    State-of-the-art video analysis technologies in areas with high traffic flows or in accident black spots can, for instance, automatically detect a slowdown in traffic and report the information to staff at a traffic control centre thus allowing a rapid response and avoiding further congestion.

  • Weight in motion

    Weight in motion

    Weigh-in-Motion (WiM) technology reduces the likelihood of accidents, protects against road damage and ensures fair competition among carriers.

    FIMA offers fixed WiM equipment installed in the paving which registers axle load and gross weight of vehicles on the move.

    Depending on the required level of data accuracy, FIMA offers solutions ranging from collection of statistical data, preliminary weighing to identification and issuing of penalties for vehicles that exceed  a maximum weight limit.

    We can integrate WiM systems with databases and other systems of authorities that control cargo vehicles thereby ensuring smooth control and a precise penalty management.

  • Passenger and driver information systems

    Passenger and driver information systems

    For public transport companies, we offer full passenger information solutions, ranging from information displays at public transport stops to visual and audio information systems integrated with transport timetables in stations. Displays or audio announcements include accurate real-time timetables, possible delay alerts, current time, advertising and other information.

    We also offer driver information systems that integrate relevant information about traffic conditions collected from a number of traffic infrastructure devices: traffic intensity, weather and road conditions, roadblocks, traffic accidents and road webcam streaming. All of this information can be accessed online, sent to GPS devices by radio connection and displayed on variable message signs or information displays beside roads.

    We cooperate with Aesys, Conrac, Mitron and other companies.

  • Automatic passenger counting systems

    Automatic passenger counting systems

    To effectively optimise public transportation and route planning, we offer automatic passenger counting systems to count everybody getting on and off services. The real-time data collected is provided to fleet operators in easy-to-use tables and diagrams. This system incorporates GPS which allows the customer to see precise data on passenger flows on specific routes and at specific stops.

    This information is particularly relevant for public transport fleet managers who can use it to optimise the transport network and plan development and new routes.

    To make passenger control automatic, we can integrate passenger counting systems with e-ticketing solutions.

  • Parking systems

    Parking systems

    We offer a full range of parking systems: from access control, flexible parking management and payment systems to parking guidance systems.

    In order to organise automatic parking management and payment systems, FIMA offers on-street parking payment machines as well as integrated parking lot management solutions which can be based on automatic number plate recognition technologies and integrated with public transportation e-ticketing systems etc.

    In shopping, entertainment and business centres parking guidance systems have highly visible and clear markings that provide information about free parking spaces and where to access them. The system we offer is extremely reliable because all of its high IP class components are manufactured specifically for this particular system. A modern parking guidance system may increase the capacity of the parking lot by up to 15 per cent.

    We work in partnership with Schick Electronics.

  • E-ticketing systems

    E-ticketing systems

    To improve the attractiveness of public transport and ensure effective fare collection, we offer a number of e-ticketing systems based on RFID and NFC technologies that provide public transport operators with  more precise information about passenger flows. These also facilitate collection, control, analysis and distribution of data about payments to different operators. The data collected by the system allows strategic planning and marketing decision-making.

    For the added convenience of passengers, a single e-ticking system can be created that integrates different modes of public transport. For operators, we offer integration of e-ticketing systems with passenger counting systems. This ensures a more effective collection of fares.

    The e-ticketing functionality can be expanded to include additional features, such as a digital wallet, a discount card, a library subscription card, etc.

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