All infrastructure for the first BSL3 human disease research laboratory in Lithuania was implemented by FIMA.

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  • “During all the years that we have worked together, FIMA has never let us down. Its specialists’ no-nonsense approach combined with its consistency in finding the right solution every time are the qualities that we value the most. Our project included finding a technical solution to an issue which had never been attempted in Lithuania before and FIMA was superb in dealing with it.”

    Algimantas Liausėdas, Director of Rokiškis Psychiatric Hospital
  • FIMA performed the works in a timely and professional manner. The work was of the highest quality and this is a company that can be trusted to install similar systems.

    VladasDamulevičius, Director of the Šiauliai town municipality administration.
  • Fima experts demonstrated high competence when implementing the concept of a unifiedsecurity system at the hospital.

    Regina Adamonienė, engineer at Rokiškis psychiatric hospital
  • FIMA specialists always respond quickly to technical issues and the systems that they install are reliable and easy to use.

    Gintaras Radavičius, Director General of Pramogų sala
  • Our complex project faced many technological challenges and FIMA professionals responded to them perfectly.

    Romualdas Brusokas, Director of the National Public Health Care Laboratory


  • Industry-specific solutions

    FIMA is a flexible company that is constantly seeking to expand its scope of operation. Working in a variety of vertical markets, we offer both universal security, communications, power supply and other systems and tailor-made industry-specific solutions.

    We are experienced in building sports events information systems in a number of sports arenas, we have installed laboratories of high biological safety to clean room requirements and we have built airfield lighting and baggage handling systems in airports.

  • Airfield lighting systems

    Airfield lighting systems

    We offer airfield lighting systems that comply with the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) stringent safety and security requirements. By providing important visual information for aircraft pilots at night or during poor visibility, our system ensures safe landing and manoeuvring on a runway, taxiway or other parts of an airport. We offer a full airfield lighting system solution that includes different types of lighting, power supply, distribution and control; and data display, processing and storage equipment.

    We have installed these systems in a number of airports and so we can guarantee a smooth implementation because we know how to adapt our work to an airport’s busy schedule.

  • Baggage handling systems

    Baggage handling systems

    We provide airports with baggage handling systems that can automatically and rapidly transport baggage from check-in to baggage loading areas. Luggage is moved safely on conveyors and scanned by special examination equipment introscopes.

    When there are several flights at a time, a modern baggage handling system will automatically select a route allowing the airport to handle a larger number of flights and passengers.

    Baggage handling systems can be also used in large postal sorting offices which handle parcel shipments.

    FIMA works in partnership with SRK Baggage Handling Systems.

  • Warning and notification systems

    Warning and notification systems

    FIMA offers warning and notification systems which are able to alert residents or employees in industrial facilities about a dangerous situation or imminent disaster. These systems can also provide information on what action to take in the event of an emergency.

    After carefully analysing the needs of the client, we site sirens that can transmit live or recorded sounds and voice warnings in specially selected places based upon noise levels, geographical boundaries, the height of buildings, the size of a built-up area etc.  We also install reliable communication equipment and a siren control centre with software that maps all of the sirens in an area allowing an operator to choose the type of signal and the sirens from which it will be broadcast. The system also provides feedback about transmissions and gives immediate information about possible system failures.

    We work in partnership with manufacturers Platan and HSS Engineering.

  • Clean room infrastructure

    Clean room infrastructure

    As a general contractor, we design, install and certify all clean room infrastructure complying with the all levels of biological safety requirements. We develop the architectural solution, install all the necessary engineering and electronic systems, air preparation, control and monitoring systems as well as build additional clean room equipment. We set up rooms in compliance with LST EN 14644 and ISO 14644 standards and in line with all construction, hygiene, safety and security standards.

    Whether it is a research laboratory, food production company or health care institution, FIMA always considers the way that the client operates as well as the scientific, laboratory or production equipment which the client has or intends to buy and the type of tests it plans to carry out when building a clean room.

    Our clean room installations consist of support systems and laboratory equipment where all the components are integrated and operate as a single system. This ensures the safety of employees and the perfect environment to carry out research.

  • Laboratory measurement equipment

    Laboratory measurement equipment

    FIMA supplies precise high-tech laboratory equipment for a range of scientific fields including ultrasound equipment, precise cutting, polishing and abrasion equipment and computed tomography tools. We install the equipment, organise training and provide warranty as well as post-warranty maintenance services.

    We work with manufacturers Loadpoint, Lapmaster, Rayscan, Tecscan and others.s

  • Sport events information systems

    Sport events information systems

    FIMA supplies dedicated solutions for sports competitions to a range of clients including arenas, halls, stadium operators, competition organisers, federations from different sporting disciplines and sports clubs.

    We install and maintain competition information systems complying with FIBA (Federal International Basketball Association) requirements including special LED displays and all support devices such as 24-second shot clocks, basketball scoreboards and display control equipment.

    We offer systems to organise and manage athletics competitions as well as devices to measure height and distance, photo-finish cameras, scoreboards and software.

    To help deliver efficient management and organisation of competitions, we can install time and photo finish systems for distance and timed sports events including bike track racing, BMX racing, carting, horse racing and rowing.

    For a variety of sports including basketball, football, martial arts, volleyball and handball we supply special LED displays.

    Our partners are Stramatel, Timetronics, and Tag-Heuer.

  • Nurse call systems

    Nurse call systems

    For health care providers and nursing institutions, FIMA offers nurse call systems that comprise of nurse call buttons or touch screens beside patients’ beds to alert duty medical staff. An alert is sent by the system to special mobile devices to alert specialists no matter where they are.

    FIMA can integrate a nurse call system with medical equipment that monitors the health of seriously ill patients. When monitoring parameters reach the critical level, a signal is automatically sent to the staff on duty.

    The system registers all calls in reports allowing important information to be collected to analyse efficiency and ensure rapid and effective decision making by medical staff. The system can also be used to monitor and administrate the occupation of beds and the provision of additional patient services including the supply of food.

    We work with Alfamax.

  • Sound masking systems

    Sound masking systems

    We offer sound masking systems that emit low-level non-distracting masking noise designed to reduce speech intelligibility and thereby improve speech privacy. This improvement can be of great value in open-plan offices, service centers, doctors’ examination rooms and other environments where confidentiality is important.

    Being an official distributor of AtlasIED, we offer a solution that includes an assessment of office layout and noise factors (sound absorbing, blocking and deflecting surfaces), design and installation of sound masking loudspeakers, and customisation of noise level and parameter settings for the premises using a sound masking processor.
  • Information terminals

    Information terminals

    FIMA supplies and installs indoor and outdoor information terminals to provide customer service and notifications in airports, rail and bus stations, banks, insurance companies, public sector organisations, ticket distribution offices and entertainment centres. We can supply these terminals with loudspeakers, headphones, printers, card, coin and bank note readers, currency exchange devices, etc. A modern information terminal can save time for both the client and the customer by allowing quick access to information, ticket printing, maps, making payments and registration. We also offer software to remotely administer, monitor and control the terminals.

    We also supply standard and non-standard peripheral devices to expand information terminals’ functionality and adapt them to a client’s needs. We can offer bespoke terminals built according to a client’s specific requirements.

  • Clock systems

    Clock systems

    For the transport, telecommunications, IT networks and energy sectors, FIMA supplies extremely reliable precision clock systems from Swiss and French manufacturers.

    When we install a new clock network, we make sure that all the devices on the network have the same information input while clocks that are installed separately are synchronised via GPS.

    FIMA supplies a wide range of equipment including time servers, time counting systems, time and date screens, wall clocks, indoor and outdoor clocks, analogue and digital clocks, electronic clocks, radio clocks, GPS clocks, principal clocks, subordinate clocks and clock mechanisms.

    We work with the leading companies in this area including Bodet and Mobatime.

  • GSM jamming systems

    GSM jamming systems

    We are able to supply GSM jamming equipment which can block the remote activation of explosive devices and terrorist or riot organisation communication as well as blocking signals in prisons and on military bases. Using the latest technology, we can very precisely block radio communication in, for example, a single building or in a defined area within a complex.

    Depending on your needs, we offer three types of RF/GSM jammers: stationary, vehicle and handheld.

    Stationary systems ensure the maximum protection against controlled detonation and unwanted communication in larger buildings or defined areas. These systems can be used in prisons, government bodies, military bases, embassies, airports. Vehicle GSM systems can be used in military cars and VIP convoys to protect against remote detonation. Vehicle GSM jammers can also be during disturbances to block communication between rioters. Portable systems can be used by military units, rapid response teams, minesweepers, anti-terrorist organizations, riot suppression squads, border guards and during hostage liberation operations.

  • Trading floors & control rooms solutions

    Trading floors & control rooms solutions

    To improve broker efficiency and the operation of control centres, FIMA supplies multi-functional solutions that enable an efficient allocation of resources and cost reductions.

    A security operations management system built by our partner, WEY, distributes server data from Bloomberg and Reuters to nominated exchange staff. This  results in significantly lower licensing fees and means that an operation management system is not tied to a particular employee.

    An information flow management system improves the operations at trading floors and control centres by improving and speeding up information management.

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