Electrical energy solutions from substations equipment to intelligent control systems as well as auxiliary systems.

Our partners


  • “The main requirement that we asked from the service provider was that all installed systems were certified because this is a guarantee that the infrastructure is of the highest quality. Not every contractor in Lithuania can offer such a sophisticated solution.”

    Kristijonas Kaikaris, Microsoft Lietuva director
  • Professionals familiar with the specifics of bank operation who are quick to resolve technical difficulties.

    Rimutis Matulevičius, Procurement and Administration Department, DNB bank
  • FIMA is a company with huge experience and is capable of implementing large-scale projects

    Vytautas Tvaronavičius, Head of Technologies and Development of Plačiajuostis internetas Všį
  • Our complex project faced many technological challenges and FIMA professionals responded to them perfectly.

    Romualdas Brusokas, Director of the National Public Health Care Laboratory
  • “The data centre equipped by Fima is of the top security level, which is also matched with economic benefit: electric power consumption is reduced owing to modern technologies”.

    Jānis Bokta, the Chairman of the Board of the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre
  • We have co-operated with FIMA for more than a decade. This means that we see them as reliable partnerswho learn and are aware of the specifics of our business and can offer solutions to suit our needs.

    Petras Abaravičius, RIMI IT Infrastracture Director for the Baltic States


  • Electrical energy solutions

    We supply and have extensive experience in installing power supply solutions for a wide range of facilities of any level of reliability ranging from administrative premises and laboratories to data centres and railways. As a system integrator, we offer power supply solutions for industrial companies and infrastructure facilities as an important part of our overall integrated solution. We also provide solutions for power grid and distribution companies.

    The technology partners we represent are leaders in power and uninterruptable power supply systems who are constantly investing in R&D as well as partner training.

  • Construction of transformer substations

    Construction of transformer substations

    The construction or reconstruction of transformer substations includes design, installation and commissioning of 10/0.4 kV substations: 10 kV cubicles with power disconnectors and vacuum circuit breakers, 0.4 kV distribution panels and metering devices.

    The 10 kV power grid cubicles that FIMA installs are made by leading manufacturers and achieve the highest levels of reliability. All of their inner components that carry electrical current have an epoxy resin coating which has a high resistance to arcing thereby increasing the equipment’s reliability. It is compact and saves space in both reconstructed transformer substations and in new buildings.

    The 10 kV cubicles, used with microprocessor protective relays, are suitable for use in both automated distribution networks and smart grids.

    The vendors we represent include Eaton, Tavrida, ELGA, Schneider Electric and other companies.

  • Substation automation and relay protection

    Substation automation and relay protection

    FIMA supplies and installs substation automation and relay protection solutions for medium and high voltage power grids of up to 110 kV, paying close attention to the correct selection and design of the equipment. We are therefore able to ensure a high-quality power supply as well as offering automated power grid maintenance.

    We supply products manufactured by GE Energy and Sprecher Automation, the leading companies in the area.



    For management and control of power distribution and transmission grids, FIMA offers reliable and modern SCADA and DMS systems. SCADA automation systems combine data collection, display and control processes while DMS control systems automate and combine all of the distribution grid control and maintenance processes. As a result, the grid is subject to continuous monitoring and diagnostics, contributing to greater control and efficiency, lower operational costs and higher security.

    The DMS system we offer is based on Modular Application Architecture, allowing it to meet specific customer needs and reduce costs. It is available with optional modules which adapt the system for the management of grids with renewable energy sources.

    We offer integrated control system solutions from substations to command and control centres. We install special devices (teleinformation collection and transmission tools) which can be used in both new substations and to retrofit old facilities. We also ensure reliable industrial communication through radio modems and GPRS/3G modems.

    FIMA is a reseller for GE Energy, Industrial Defender, Sprecher Automation, ARC Informatique, Beckhoff and Sinoptic.

  • Power supply infrastructure

    Power supply infrastructure

    We offer a full range of power supply infrastructure solutions for industrial companies and public buildings.

    FIMA designs power grids as well as undertaking modernisation and construction work, including installation of medium and low voltage power cables (0.4 kV and 10 kV), building of pole-mounted, modular and container transformer substations, 10 kV switchgears, diesel-powered stations, 0.4 kV panels and automation cabinets, outdoor and indoor lighting networks and reactive power compensation devices.

    Our compact solutions are ideal for smaller premises or spaces.

    FIMA partners with Eaton, Elga and Schneider Electric for power supply infrastructure.

  • Uninterruptible power supply

    Uninterruptible power supply

    We offer uninterruptible power supply solutions for both short and long-term power failure situations. Our specialists assess the particular needs of every client allowing us to offer a bespoke solution, be it to data centres, banks and health care bodies, which rely on uninterruptible power supply, or other organisations with less critical needs.

    FIMA engineers have extensive experience in the installation and setting up of high power uninterruptible supply solutions including rotary, hybrid, diesel and static UPS as well as parallel-connection generator sets. Our UPS solution ensures uninterruptible operation and protects against overvoltage, improves power quality and enables remote monitoring of power, blackout alarms and overall system operational efficiency reports.

    FIMA’s partners include Eaton, Gesan, Piller Power Systems, and APC and the company is the leading Eaton UPS reseller and installer in Lithuania.

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