More than 100km of the European Union’s border is controlled by a system created and installed by FIMA.

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  • “Every kind of security is a high priority at the plant. Security is ensured at every stage of the waste’s transformation into energy: from it entering the site right through to smoke treatment. The fire prevention system installed by Fima specialists is a reliable part of the plant’s overall security system.”

    Juozas Doniela, director of Fortum Klaipėda
  • These are top-drawer people with very high levels of experience and competence. There is no doubt that the innovation FIMA has put in place is of huge value to our company.

    Darius Okunevičius, Director of Infrastructure Department of Vilnius International Airport
  • You can entrust the installation of complex engineering systems to FIMA experts.

    Michail Lipkin, Director of UAB Vitras-S.


  • Control & Display solutions

    We have been actively involved in power network modernisation projects for more than a decade, installing state-of-the-art data collection, processing and management systems as well as specialised control systems for large-perimeter security systems. Our border control systems have been put in place along more than 100 km of the European Union’s external border.

    By offering a complete solution for command and control centres we have been behind the largest display systems in the Baltic region, among them a nuclear power plant security control centre, a traffic information centre, a centralised traffic control centre and others.

    We co-operate with the leading companies in this area and constantly invest in the training and development of our specialists.



    For the management of industrial and infrastructure processes, we supply and install customised control systems that collect, process, analyse, control and display data.

    Dedicated control systems and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) as well as DMS (Distribution Management System) type of systems are offered for electricity, water and gas supply companies, as well as telecommunication operators and manufacturing companies. They can also be used to control complex video surveillance, perimeter security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Such systems save costs by fully automating processes, maintenance and administrative costs fall significantly. The data is collected and analysed centrally, increasing the opportunity for statistical analysis and forecasting while preventing failures through rapid operator intervention. The flexibility and versatility of control systems means that existing capacities can be expanded and modernised and system features adapted to new requirements.

    We co-operate with GE Energy, Industrial Defender, Sprecher Automation, ARC Informatique, Beckhoff, Sinoptic.

  • Display systems (video walls)

    Display systems (video walls)

    For process and system management centres we offer state-of-the-art display systems capable of simultaneously displaying different types of information. All information is collected from different systems and devices - be it a large-scale video surveillance and perimeter security system, a traffic control and information centre or a power distribution grid dispatch centre –  and  is displayed on a single display system.

    We assess a client’s needs, select the appropriate solution, carry out ergonomic analysis, install the solution and carry our technical maintenance. Following assessment, we can offer DLP-LED based display cubes, ultra-thin LCD module video walls and LED illuminated mosaic shields. By supplying a wide range of display systems, we can satisfy requirements for different scales, reliability and budgets.

    We co-operate with Barco, NEC, Samsung and Sinoptic. These are the leading companies in this area.

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