Lithuania’s first human disease research lab achieved biological safety level III thanks to a fully automated ventilation and building management system installed by FIMA.

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  • “Every kind of security is a high priority at the plant. Security is ensured at every stage of the waste’s transformation into energy: from it entering the site right through to smoke treatment. The fire prevention system installed by Fima specialists is a reliable part of the plant’s overall security system.”

    Juozas Doniela, director of Fortum Klaipėda
  • “The main requirement that we asked from the service provider was that all installed systems were certified because this is a guarantee that the infrastructure is of the highest quality. Not every contractor in Lithuania can offer such a sophisticated solution.”

    Kristijonas Kaikaris, Microsoft Lietuva director
  • FIMA experts actively co-operated with our experts and they performed tasks in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend the company for similar types of project.

    Audronis Navickas, Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force Base
  • These are top-drawer people with very high levels of experience and competence. There is no doubt that the innovation FIMA has put in place is of huge value to our company.

    Darius Okunevičius, Director of Infrastructure Department of Vilnius International Airport
  • Our complex project faced many technological challenges and FIMA professionals responded to them perfectly.

    Romualdas Brusokas, Director of the National Public Health Care Laboratory
  • “The data centre equipped by Fima is of the top security level, which is also matched with economic benefit: electric power consumption is reduced owing to modern technologies”.

    Jānis Bokta, the Chairman of the Board of the Latvian State Radio and Television Centre
  • FIMA specialists always respond quickly to technical issues and the systems that they install are reliable and easy to use.

    Gintaras Radavičius, Director General of Pramogų sala


  • Automation & Monitoring solutions

    We design, install and maintain automation systems for the management of both building engineering infrastructure and manufacturing processes. We have experience of system automation in business centres, hotels, shopping centres and special facilities like sport arenas, airports, water entertainment parks and laboratories. As a general contractor, we have installed all types of building infrastructures, ensuring smooth operation and compatibility with all systems.

    We also offer  tailor-made meteorological monitoring systems, people counting systems and various substance detection systems. By integrating them with the systems already in place, we are able to offer a complete solution meeting the client’s specific needs.

  • Building management systems

    Building management systems

    We supply and install building management automation solutions including building management systems (BMS), automatic energy metering systems and energy cost saving solutions. We design and produce automation shields.

    We ensure cost-effective system operation modes and can easily adapt a system to the changing needs of the client when it comes to system management and display. A single interface for management of all building systems integrates automation, security, access control, perimeter security, fire alarm, video surveillance and other systems.

    We offer automation solutions in co-operation with Delta Controls, ARC Informatique, Beckhoff, Elesta, Nice and other companies.

  • Industrial automation systems

    Industrial automation systems

    We offer a full array of industrial automation solutions: automation of technological processes, installation of  remote management and display systems (SCADA) for newly designed and existing process, automated energy accounting systems, output accounting systems as well as energy cost analysis and saving solutions. We also design and manufacture automation shields.

  • Meteorology monitoring systems

    Meteorology monitoring systems

    We offer weather observation equipment including devices and software for monitoring meteorological conditions, making forecasts as well as processing, display and distribution of information to users. Meteorology monitoring systems sited on roads, in airports, ports and railway stations provide information to transport users about weather conditions. They increase safety and allow efficient use of infrastructure and save on maintenance.

    We integrate meteorological solutions into complete, intelligent systems, thereby increasing the benefits they offer.

    We offer meteorological information systems in co-operation with Vaisala, Microstep and other companies.

  • Automatic people counting systems

    Automatic people counting systems

    We supply and install automatic people and passenger counting systems for buildings and public transport. The systems count people entering or leaving an area as well as those remaining inside. The information collected is provided to its users in easy-to-use tables and diagrams.

    People counting systems in trade centres, shops or banks provide real time information about visitor/client flows. An operator can analyse the data and make the right decisions to increase visitor flows as well as assessing the outcome of marketing initiatives.

    Intelligent systems installed for transportation clients count passenger flows, and collate them according to route and stop. This information is particularly relevant for fleet managers because it helps them to optimise a public transport network, plan its development and new routes.

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