Set-up and maintenance of a speed enforcement network

  • Client Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport
  • Implementation period 2008 – 2019
  • Project location Lithuania
  • Project task Installation and maintenance of speed cameras on major national routes to help reduce the number of accidents.
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Solutions in this project

  • Speed enforcement systems
  • Data communication solutions

FIMA installed Lithuania’s largest ever speed control network comprising 150 speed cameras and committed to maintaining them for 10 years.

FIMA installed Lithuania’s largest ever speed control network, putting in place 139 fixed speed cameras on major national routes and installing another 11 mobile speed cameras in unmarked police cars.

Speed cameras record time, vehicle speed, direction and vehicle type simultaneously.The picture captured by a camera clearly shows the driver, vehicle and license plate, all of which can be used in any subsequent legal action.

All of the speed cameras can operate between temperatures of -32C to +50C and contain an electronic anti-vandal system which records any destruction attempts and sends real-time vandal alerts to Public Police Security Service.

Information on speed violations is automatically transmitted to a data processing centre in Vilnius where FIMA built 20 computerised workstations.

Project uniqueness

The project remains the largest speed enforcement network in Lithuania to date.

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