Installation of traffic information system in Lithuania

  • Client Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport
  • Implementation period 2010 - 2011
  • Project location Lithuania
  • Project partners Barco, Vaisala, and Microstep-MIS
  • Project task Installation of a traffic information system to increase traffic safety and the effectiveness of traffic control and monitoring as well as to ensure a rapid response to emergencies.
More information

Solutions in this project

  • Traffic analysis system
  • Meteorology monitoring system
  • Data communication solutions
  • Information system (software)
  • Display system (video walls)

The project was to set up the infrastructure for monitoring traffic conditions on major routes, install a traffic information centre and an information system that brought the two solutions together.

Over the course of a year and working with its partners, FIMA built a road traffic information system including infrastructure for monitoring traffic conditions on major national roads, a traffic information centre and an information system to bring the two solutions together.

FIMA built 43 automatic road weather stations containing equipment to monitor weather conditions, video cameras and 15 traffic counters on majorroads. All of the new equipment and 48 existing weather stations were linked to the traffic information system to collect road and traffic condition data which is streamed to a video wall made up of eight video cubes.

State-of-the-art weather stations accurately measure the amounts of rain, snow or ice on the road network as well as monitoring air temperature, visibility, wind speed and other climactic conditions.Traffic counters analyse traffic flow and measure vehicle speeds.

Traffic information is provided to road maintenance services to help them plan and work more efficiently and to drivers to help them prepare for adverse weather conditions or delays caused by accidents androad works, plan their journeys and to drive at safe speeds.

The system has been set up so that it can be integrated with other solutions in the future.

Project uniqueness

This is the first traffic information system in the Baltic States to integrate so many devices and sources for monitoring traffic conditions.

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