Security and building management system in the EUROPA shopping centre

  • Client EUROPA shopping centre
  • Implementation period 2003 – 2005
  • Project location Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Project task Installation of a building management and security system to guarantee the comfort and security of visitors and employees as well making management of the building more efficient.
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Solutions in this project

  • Security alarm system
  • Access control system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Building management system

FIMA built an integrated security and access control system, video surveillance and building management system in the EUROPA shopping centre and an adjoining34-floor administrative business centre.

A state-of-the-art integrated security alarm and access control system was set up in the EUROPA shopping centre and an adjoining 34-floor administrative business centre.The system incorporates a complete perimeter security solution for the shopping centre and the administrative building and guards all entries to the building and offices. A video surveillance system comprising 70 stationary and remote control video cameras and a fire alarm system, in addition to 140 door control points, were installed during the project.

A building management system (BMS) was also implemented, which ensures centralised control of outdoor and indoor lighting, ventilation and parking administration.Information about available parking spaces is provided on LED displays.

The software enables monitoring of the engineering systems across the entire complex.

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