Solutions for Centralised traffic control in Vilnius

  • Client Municipality of Vilnius
  • Implementation period N/A
  • Project location Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Project partners Hnit Baltic, Barco, Aesys
  • Project task Installation of systems to ensure more effective traffic control and to inform drivers about road and traffic conditions
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Solutions in this project

  • Video surveillance system
  • Control centre infrastructure
  • Video walls
  • LED displays
  • Data transfer network

As one of the project contractors implementing the centralised traffic control system in Vilnius, FIMA installed anintersection video surveillance system, built a traffic control centre, mounted LED information displays around the city and installed a data communication network.

As one of the project contractors implementing the centralised traffic control system in Vilnius, FIMA implemented the following solutions:

  • Anintersection video surveillance system to allow staff at the traffic control centre to monitor major intersections across Vilnius, traffic flow and quickly change the parameters for traffic management. It also allows them to record traffic violations and helps with the recording and disclosure of road accidents.CCTV cameras are mounted on 20 intersectionsacross the city.
  • A traffic control centre, which consists of a server room, the operators’ workspace and a video wall made of six 50” video projection cubes.The video wall displays images sent from cameras and real-time traffic information, displaying it on a Vilnius city map. In addition, it shows the operation of traffic lights and data gathered by sensors installed at junctions.
  • A network of 13 LED information displays across the city.These are constantly updated with information about driving conditions, traffic congestion, notifications of roadworks and other restrictions and offer drivers alternative route suggestions.
  • A data communication network that links crossroad traffic light controllers in to a single system managed from the traffic control centre.Apart from conducting the remote monitoring of traffic, the control centre can also change traffic light parameters as well as receiving signals about equipment failures and other issues.

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