Installation of a high energy efficiency data centre for the Baltic Data Center

  • Client Baltic Data Center
  • Implementation period Installation of the data centre: 2009-2010, Expansion of the data centre: 2011
  • Project location Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Project partners UTC Fire & Security, Tyco, KyotoCooling, CPI, and Gesan
  • Project task Establishment of reliable data centre infrastructure to satisfy the requirements of high energy efficiency
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Solutions in this project

  • Cooling solution KyotoCooling®
  • Power supply and metering systems
  • Diesel power stations
  • Data communication solutions
  • Early warning fire detection system
  • Automatic gas fire extinguishing system
  • Access control system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Fire and security alarm system
  • System parameter monitoring and control system

FIMA designed and installed a new 700 kW data centre covering an area of 260m² for Baltic Data Center, a leading data center and outsourced IT services provider in the Baltic region. A new server cooling solution KyotoCooling was installed in the data centre.

FIMA designed and installed a new 700 kW data centre covering an area of 260 m² for Baltic Data Center, а leading data center and outsourced IT services providerin the Baltic. A new server cooling solution KyotoCooling was installed in the data centre, reducing power costs for cooling (by as much as a factor of eight) and becoming the first KyotoCooling installation in Eastern and Central Europe. KyotoCooling uses ambient air temperatures to cool servers during most of the year so is more efficient and eco-friendly than traditional cooling systems.

Special server cabinets have been set up in the data centre to separate cold and hot air flows thereby increasing the data centre’s efficiency.

Along with the KyotoCooling solution, FIMA installed a precise control system – KyotoEco – which autonomously monitors the situation in the data centre (IT equipment power density, balance between air flows, indoor and outdoor temperature) and automatically cycles air of the correct temperature to keep the data centre cool.

In addition, FIMA designed and installed all supporting infrastructure in the centre including power distribution networks, uninterruptible power supply solutions (diesel generators), security systems (fire detection, fire extinguishing, video surveillance, access control and security alarm), environmental monitoring, building management and metering systems.

In a first in Lithuania, the heat generated by the data centre is recycled to heat employee offices and technical premises.

The data centre’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) is 1.1.During 2011, KyotoCooling helped Baltic Data Center reduce power consumption by almost 600,000 kilowatt hours.

Project uniqueness

The first data centre in the Baltic region to have achieved such a high level of energy efficiency.


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  • A solution offered by FIMA provides a good balance between reliability and economic efficiency.

    Saulius Markūnas, Director of Baltic Data Center