Public transport priority system near Kaunas Railway Station

  • Client Kauno gatvių apšvietimas, municipal undertaking of Kaunas City
  • Implementation period 2013
  • Project location Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Project partners Peek Traffic
  • Project task Design and deliver software and equipment and consult on the installation of a public transport priority system near Kaunas Railway Station
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Solutions in this project

  • RFID public transport priority system
  • Traffic management system
  • Wireless transport detection system
  • Data transfer solutions

The project marked the first time that a public transport priority system had been installed in Lithuania.

FIMA played an important in implementing Lithuania’s first public transport priority (PTP) system. The company provided and programmed the equipment necessary for the system and advised the specialists who performed the installation work.

The RFID-based PTP system was installed at one of the road junctions in Kaunas and close to where public transport leaves a parking area to join the main street.

Buses which stop in the parking area near Kaunas Railway Station are equipped with high-frequency contactless cards. When a bus is 10 metres from the crossing, the system detects the card and stops traffic on the main street, activating the green light for the bus thereby allowing it to continue without stopping.

The intersection regulation and PTP system has information on specific vehicles and their routes so that it recognises which vehicles must be given priority and in which direction. If necessary, the system is able to regulate the traffic at intersections in real time if a bus service is running late.

Traffic lights installed near the bus parking area are synchronised with those at another crossing in the same section to help prevent traffic congestion.

The deployment of the system included the renewal of traffic lights and traffic light controllers as well as the installation of wireless transport detectors and RFID readers. The RFID readers and traffic light controllers were programmed using a standard VECOM method which is common across the EU.

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