Engineering solutions for GECO biofuel plant in Kaunas

  • Client GECO Kaunas
  • Implementation period 2012
  • Project location Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Project partners Empower, Elektros zona, KEMEK Engineering
  • Project task To install and commission highly-automated security and vehicle weighing systems in the new biofuel plant and to install some of the power supply infrastructure
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Solutions in this project

  • Power supply infrastructure
  • Security alarm system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Access control system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Perimeter security system
  • Automatic vehicle weighing system

Alongside other subcontractors, FIMA installed the majority of the medium- and low-voltage power supply infrastructure, the security systems and automated the vehicle weighing process.

FIMA, working alongside Empower and Elektros zona, installed the majority of medium- and low-voltage power supply infrastructure including a 10kV transformer substation, 10kV cable routes and low-voltage (0,4kV) power supply in the first independent biofuel plant in Kaunas. It also installed a complete set of low-current solutions including site security, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and building security systems.

FIMA engineers installed a vehicle control and weighing system, which automatically weighs commercial vehicles entering the site. It means that staff at the biofuel plant now only have to confirm the data sent back because everything else is done by the integrated system. Video cameras scan the license plate of the vehicle and the system compares it with information on the database and opens the gate. Once the vehicle has been weighed and unloaded, it is weighed again before exiting the site and a report is generated.

Security at the site has also been automated with infrared barriers and a highly-sensitive microphone cable running along the entire perimeter fence which can detect an impact or any attempt to climb the fence. In addition, areas where vehicles enter and leave the site are covered by a video surveillance system.

FIMA installed at the Kaunas biofuel plant:

  • Power supply infrastructure:
    - 10kV transformer substation
    - 10kV cable route
    - Low-voltage (0,4kV) power supply infrastructure
  • Automatic vehicle control and weighing system
  • Biofuel plant site security and surveillance system
  • Building security, fire alarm and access control systems

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