Mobile nurse call system in Šiauliai county hospital

  • Client Šiauliai county hospital
  • Implementation period 2009
  • Project location Šiauliai, Lithuania
  • Project partners Genesis
  • Project task Development and implementation of a nurse call system to enable the mobility of nurses and to ensure that signals sent are received in any part of the building.
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Solutions in this project

  • Nurse call system

Specialists from FIMA developed and implemented the first mobile nurse call system in Lithuania for Šiauliai county hospital.

FIMA created and implemented a mobile nurse call system which includes 57 ward beds for the first surgey department at Šiauliai county hospital.

The system alerts surgery department staff to the conditions of patients from monitors placed in duty posts as well as via pagers.

The system stores information about the history of calls and makes it possible to analyse the work of nurses.A signal received by a nurse indicates not only the ward, but also the specific bed in which the patient requiring assistance is located.

The system can be programmed so that monitoring devices send signals about critical changes in the condition of seriously ill patients.