Clean room infrastructure for iVF Riga clinic

  • Client iVF Riga
  • Implementation period 2017
  • Project location Riga, Latvia
  • Project partners Contact Connect 2 Cleanrooms
  • Project task Design and installation of a clean room infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of the clinic.
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Solutions in this project

  • Clean room infrastructure
  • Access control system
  • Building management system

FIMA implemented a clean room infrastructure project in accordance with ISO7 and ISO8 class requirements and based on the recommendations of a Good Manufacturing Practice.

FIMA has designed and installed a clean room infrastructure for the first national stem cell bank in Latvia.

After installing the necessary systems and the laboratory facilities, a sterile environment with a strictly controlled microclimate was created. Based on a Good Manufacturing Practices, the premises maintain a stable temperature, a certain level of humidity and cleanliness, and continuous monitoring and control of air contamination. The installed sophisticated ventilation system ensures constant vertical airflow by eliminating small particles from the air and working surfaces.

In developing this clean room design project, we have created a contactless access and control system that allows remote control of the systems.