Engineering systems at a water park in Minsk

  • Client Akva Minsk
  • Implementation period 2014
  • Project location Minsk, Belarus
  • Project task Installing engineering systems in the new water park in Minsk by integrating them into a single information system to ensure the efficient operation of the wellness and entertainment centre and to provide security for visitors.
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Solutions in this project

  • Video surveillance system
  • Drowning prevention system
  • Building management information system
  • Access control system for visitors and staff
  • Customer service system
  • Accounting and billing system for catering services
  • Locker system
  • Gaming hall control system
  • Parking systems
  • Metal detector system

FIMA has installed more 20 engineering systems including a few unique solutions like an enormous video surveillance system, a drowning prevention system, a parking system with registration plate recognition at the water park in Minsk. A combined team of Lithuanian and Belarusian specialists installed the system in just four record-breaking months.

Belarus’s largest water park is the biggest of its kind in the Baltic region and the fifth largest in Europe.

The new wellness and entertainment complex offers spacious indoor and outdoor water zones, a SPA centre, a sauna complex, a fitness club and a play area for children along with a selection of snack bars and restaurants. Seventy professionals from the intelligent engineering solutions provider, FIMA, and its daughter company in Belarus joined efforts to install 20 engineering systems at the park.
As part of the project, FIMA installed a video surveillance system, which includes nearly 500 exterior and interior high-resolution IP video cameras. The system will ensure processing and storage of a massive amount of data and will be able to archive video recordings and store them for a specific period of time.

FIMA’s specialists installed Belarus’s first drowning prevention system at the park. If a person stays below a specific depth for too long, a bracelet sensor automatically transmits an audio signal to the ultrasonic sensors installed in the pool which locate the person in trouble and immediately report his or her location to the lifeguards, triggering the water park’s alarm system.
All the systems at the park are integrated into a single control system which enables the customer to manage both financial information including accounting, suppliers, personnel, sales, etc. and the functioning of internal systems. The control system will provide staff with a convenient way to easily set automatic system operation modes and save energy resources. 

Project exclusivity

As part of the project, FIMA’s specialists installed the country’s first drowning prevention system and an enormous video surveillance system to ensure safety for visitors.

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