Security solutions on the SPM Buoy of Būtingė Oil Terminal

  • Client ORLEN Lietuva (ex Mažeikių nafta)
  • Implementation period 2007 – 2008
  • Project location Būtingė, Lithuania
  • Project partners Flir Systems
  • Project task To install a security system on the Būtingė Oil Terminal’s SPM Buoy, which is used to moor tankers when they are reloading oil-based products, and to ensure sufficient security for this strategically-important facility.
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Solutions in this project

  • Video surveillance solutions
  • Data communication solutions
  • Power supply solutions

FIMA designed, developed and launched a unique security solution powered by renewable energy for the buoy which is sited on open sea.

Following an order by Mažeikių nafta, FIMA designed, developed and launched a bespoke security solution to be sited on open sea and powered by renewable energy for this strategic facility.
Located 7.3 km offshore in the Baltic Sea, the buoy is the only one used in the supply of oil to Lithuania. It consists of a floating anchored platform 16 metres in diameter to which tankers moor to reload oil or oil-based products that are piped to Mažeikių nafta.
FIMA specialists installed a remotely-controlled surveillance camera in addition to two night vision devices (thermovisors) on the buoy.
Because the buoy is located far from shore, the new video surveillance system is equipped with a combined power supply solution that uses sun, wind and batteries.

Images captured by cameras on the buoy are transmitted to the shore wirelessly. Because the buoy is constantly moving and turning on its axis it is not always in direct line of sight to the control centre. Therefore, a standard radio transmission solution was not going to be effective so FIMA installed a special data communication solution to ensure that data is transmitted to shore without any compromise on image quality.
The unique nature of the facility meant that an innovative solution that had not been used anywhere else was needed. It earned FIMA an Innovation Award and a medal for Merits to Business in the category Presentation of an Innovative Product to the Market at a competition held by the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy.

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