Fire extinguishing system at IKEA plywood factory

  • Client Ikea Industry Lietuva
  • Implementation period 2014
  • Project location Kazlų Rūda (Lithuania)
  • Project partners SEVO
  • Project task Installation of gas fire extinguishing system at IKEA plywood factory, in order to ensure the safety of staff and the environment.
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Solutions in this project

  • Fire extinguishing alarm system
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • Video surveillance system

In order to comply with strict international operational standards by IKEA and to ensure the safety of staff and the environment, FIMA has installed a fire extinguishing system at five premises comprising the company’s plywood factory in Kazlų Rūda. Fire extinguishing will now be accomplished by gas which is completely harmless to man and the environment. FIMA professionals managed to complete the works without interrupting the factory’s operations.

The IKEA Industry Lietuva plywood factory, based in Kazlų Rūda, is undergoing an intense modernisation, with a special focus on the safety of staff and the environment. With view to the recommendations around safety contained in the internal audit report, a new gas fire extinguishing system was installed in the factory.

The system was proposed and implemented by FIMA and complies with most advanced German and Swedish standards, guarantees the highest levels of reliability and is user-friendly. The gas fire extinguishing system operates locally; depending on demand, fires can be extinguished in single or multiple premises simultaneously. In case of fire, the system activates a delay of 30 seconds and then, once all the doors and windows are closed in the premises, releases the gas. Five production premises have been equipped with containers of the gas. The containers can store two tons of gas. Once used, the gas can be replenished. The quality of the latest fire extinguishing system was highly appraised by the international IKEA audit, and SEVO, a partner of FIMA and a global manufacturer of gas fire extinguishing systems.

The IKEA factory in Kazlų Rūda was also equipped with a video surveillance system as part of the system.

Project exclusivity

This is the first time a gas extinguishing system of this type has been installed in an IKEA factory anywhere in Europe.

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