Variable message traffic signs for regional roads in Lithuania

  • Client Lithuanian Road Administration (LAKD)
  • Implementation period 2015-2016
  • Project location Lithuania
  • Project task To provide new variable message traffic signs, which automatically instruct drivers to slow down when traffic conditions become difficult.
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Solutions in this project

  • Video surveillance system
  • Speed control and warning systems
  • Weather condition monitoring systems
  • Vehicle flow and speed analysis devices
  • Power supply solutions

In the framework of the project, FIMA has provided variable message signs in Kaunas, on the Islandijos motorway next to the bridge over the Neris river, and on the Kaunas Western bypass before the bridge over the Nemunas river next to Marvelė. These signs warn drivers of adverse factors such as high winds, slippery roads, and traffic congestion. This information is received by the system from meteorological stations, road condition and traffic intensity sensors, and traffic cameras.

The variable message signs were designed and provided by FIMA specialists, based on an order from the Lithuanian Road Administration (LAKD).

The company also provided road condition and wind speed sensors, vehicle speed and traffic counters, and traffic cameras.

All this equipment is integrated into a single management and warning system, connected to the central traffic information system,

Based on the information received from the various devices, the smart system chooses which signs must be displayed to drivers. For instance, when the temperature drops, the speed on the bridge is limited to 50 km/h and a slippery road warning is displayed. The VMS system displays speed limits and warning signs on a LED matrix.

The signs can also be managed by the traffic information system operator, who can monitor the images transmitted by the traffic cameras installed at a specific road section.

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