Public transport priority system near Kaunas railway station

  • Client Kauno gatvių apšvietimas, an enterprise of the Kaunas city municipality
  • Implementation period 2013
  • Project location Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Project partners Peek Traffic
  • Project task To design and deliver equipment, develop a public transport priority system near Kaunas railway station and provide advice during its installation.
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Solutions in this project

  • RFID public transport priority system
  • Traffic control system
  • Wireless transport detection system
  • Data communication solutions

As part of the project, Lithuania’s first public transport priority system was introduced.

FIMA was intensively involved in the project to install Lithuania’s first public transport priority (PTP) system and was tasked with selecting and supplying the necessary equipment, systems programming and advising the installation specialists.

A RFID technology-based PTP system was installed at one of the intersections in Kaunas next to the exit from the public transport parking area on to the main street.

Buses which stop in the parking area near Kaunas railway station have been equipped with high-frequency contact-free cards. Once a bus approaches the intersection – and gets to within a distance of 10 metres – the system responds to the cards by stopping the traffic on the main street and switching the lights to green for the public transport service.

The intersection control and PTP system contains information about specific public transport vehicles and their routes, so that it is able to give specific vehicles priority. In real time, the system monitors discrepancies between schedules and the actual times that public transport arrives and adjusts traffic flows at the intersections accordingly.

The newly-installed traffic-light equipment near the bus parking area has been linked to one at another signal-controlled intersection on that section of road and this will also help to prevent traffic congestion.

As part of the system upgrade, traffic lights and traffic light controllers were upgraded and wireless transport detectors and RFID readers were installed. A standard VECOM technique – common in EU Member States – was used for programming the RFID readers and traffic light controllers.