Traffic control systems at Minsk crossroads

  • Client The State Road Traffic Inspectorate of Minsk
  • Implementation period 2013
  • Project location Minsk, Belarus
  • Project task To modernise Minsk’s road traffic infrastructure by introducing advanced traffic control solutions.
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Solutions in this project

  • Traffic signal control system
  • Traffic analysis solutions
  • Power supply solutions

FIMA has introduced modern signal control systems at three of the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in the city and traffic signals at a crossroads next to a shopping centre as part of a road infrastructure modernisation project in Minsk.

FIMA’s daughter company in Belarus, Fima BR, has completed a number of road traffic infrastructure upgrade projects in the country’s capital, Minsk. Advanced traffic control systems on the city’s busy streets will improve efficiency when it comes to controlling traffic flows as well as ensuring safety for pedestrians.

Modern signal control systems have been installed on behalf of the State Road Traffic Inspectorate, Minsk’s major traffic infrastructure regulator, at pedestrian crossings that were deemed to be the most dangerous by the client and traffic signals have been introduced at a crossroads next to a new shopping centre on behalf of the centre’s developer.

Unlike the LED equivalents, the new high-tech traffic lights are able to maintain brightness, ensuring higher safety for drivers and pedestrians on the capital’s roads. The new equipment, which Fima BR manufactures in Belarus to local standards, is assembled quickly and conveniently and is easy to operate. Once installed, it will use half the electricity compared with similar equipment currently being operated in Minsk, meaning that the client can make large savings on operating costs.

As part of the project, Fima BR was in charge of the complete range of activities to design and install the traffic control solutions infrastructure. Its specialists carried out construction, cable laying and power supply works and they also assembled traffic lights, controls and pedestrian button controls.

Induction loops have been installed next to the upgraded pedestrian crossings to calculate and analyse traffic flows and to provide the latest updates to allow the authorities to make decisions about traffic control on the city’s roads.