Installation of data centre infrastructure for Lithuanian Railways

  • Client Lithuanian Railways
  • Implementation period 2008 – 2009
  • Project location Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Project partners IBM, Piller Power Systems, Hewlett Packard, Rittal, Stulz, Tyco Electronics, Lampertz
  • Project task To fit out a data centre to the highest standards expected for corporate security and reliability and that allow future expansion of the system.
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Solutions in this project

  • IT security safe
  • Power supply system
  • Uninterrupted power supply system
  • CFC-based precision cooling system
  • Liquid-cooling system
  • Data communication network
  • Access control system
  • Video surveillance system
  • Fire and security alarm system
  • Gas-based fire suppression system

FIMA installed an uninterrupted power supply system of high capacity meeting the TIER IV recommendations for the very highest standards of reliability.

FIMA specialists built all the data centre’s infrastructure including the premises housing the technical systems as well as supporting the power supply and other systems inside the building. In addition, FIMA installed a network for information systems and data communications.

A Category 1 power supply system was provided to ensure the data centre’s uninterrupted operation. It was the first time that two new types of 1.1 MVA uninterrupted power supply units – rotor diesel generators and UPS with kinetic energy storage – had been installed in Lithuania. Such equipment meets the recommendations for the highest reliability (Tier IV) and mean that the system will continue to run after any fault.

In addition, FIMA reconstructed the electrical substation, replaced transformers and installed a new power distribution and management system. After the work, the transformer substation’s capacity was increased threefold.

FIMA installed two types of cooling equipment for the cooling of servers: a CFC-based precision cooling system and a high-capacity liquid-cooling system that uses outdoor temperature. The new system ensures that the temperature in the data centre is kept stable between 23C and 25C and offers annual savings of 30 per cent when compared with conventional cooling methods.

FIMA also installed a highly-reliable integrated digital security system to protect the data centre against burglaries, unauthorised access and fires. It includes an access control system with biometric data scanning equipment along with security and fire alarm systems. In addition, there is a high-resolution video surveillance system and an automatic gas-based fire suppression system, which will not damage computer hardware. All the security systems are integrated and managed using bespoke software.

In addition to the state-of-the-art digital security system, the data centre is further secured by the largest IT security safe in the Baltic States, Lampertz – a chamber which has external walls that can withstand temperatures as high as 1,000C for up to two hours and protects the data centre from explosions, water and burglaries.

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