Staff and vehicle access control and time & attendance registration system in the Lifosa fertiliser plant

  • Client Lifosa
  • Implementation period 2011 - 2012
  • Project location Kėdainiai, Lithuania
  • Project partners Midpoint Security
  • Project task To introduce video surveillance and access control systems and to tailor software for an integrated and automated staff access and vehicle traffic control and time & attendance registration system.
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Solutions in this project

  • Video surveillance system
  • Access control system
  • Bespoke software

The integrated and automated staff and vehicle access control and time & attendance registration system introduced in Lithuania’s largest fertiliser plant ensures time & attendance registration for 1,000 employees, access control for visitors and generates reports according to a number of metrics.

FIMA and its partner, a software solutions developer, have introduced an integrated and automated staff and vehicle access control and time & attendance registration system in the Lifosa plant in Kėdainiai which is owned by Eurohem, one of the world’s largest producer of mineral fertilisers.

Previously, the company used three separate systems for access control for people and vehicles and time & attendance registration. These were not integrated and automatic data exchange between them was impossible. The aim of the project was to integrate Lifosa’s systems into a single system and to improve the efficiency of process management.

As part of the integrated system concept, video surveillance, access control, registration plate recognition and time & attendance registration systems were introduced and integrated with existing HR, registration and logistics systems. Special software was tailored to the plant’s needs to enable control of the systems via a single interface. 

In addition to reducing the amount of administrative work, eliminating overlapping tasks and ensuring efficient and easy access control for more than 1,000 employees and visitors, time & attendance records and other processes, the solution introduced by FIMA and its partner has improved safety for everybody on site.

The integrated system at Lifosa now enables:

  • Fast and simple checks on whether an employee worked according to the planned schedule. The system compares work schedules with access control data and is able to generate a report according to the required metrics at any time.
  • Automatic generation and distribution of working time reports by required metrics.
  • Electronic confirmation of staff access permits.
  • Real-time monitoring of the number of employees, visitors and vehicles on site. It is possible to identify the exact location of a person.
  • Verification of time & attendance records. The employee’s photo is attached to every time & attendance event (every time their card or biometric data is scanned).
  • Automatic generation of recommended action messages for vehicle control operators. For example, when a vehicle has been identified and access is authorised of when a vehicle has been identified but access is denied at this time of the day etc.

Project uniqueness

The project included unique integration between HR management, time & attendance, logistics, surveillance and access control systems.


  • “We were looking for a system integrator able to tailor basic software to our needs and to ensure its integration with the terminal equipment made by different manufacturers.”

    Lifosa’s IT Manager, Edvinas Juodžbalis