Installing infrastructure at the border and customs inspection post at Vilnius railway station

  • Client Lithuanian railways
  • Implementation period 2013
  • Project location Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Project task To introduce a border inspection post and an X-ray baggage screening system to ensure that passengers arriving at and departing from Vilnius railway station are inspected more quickly and safely.
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Solutions in this project

  • Video surveillance system
  • X-ray baggage screening system
  • Data transmission and communication systems
  • Power supply infrastructure
  • Fire alarm system
  • Security alarm system

FIMA has installed an up-to-date border and customs inspection post for passengers at Vilnius railway station. The new equipment includes an upgraded video surveillance system and new X-ray baggage screening equipment.

To ensure that the inspection of passengers who enter, depart from or transit through Lithuania by border and customs officers is in line with the requirements of the EU and the Schengen states, Lithuanian railways has established a border and customs inspection post at Vilnius railway station to check identities and baggage.

FIMA was in charge of installing the new infrastructure at the post and has equipped facilities for staff of the State Border Guard Service and customs officers, upgraded the existing data transmission and communication systems and power supply networks and installed a video surveillance system which records passenger flows on the platform and through the station. 

In addition, FIMA has equipped the railway station’s inspection post with a modern X-ray baggage screening system which comes with a high screening capacity and helps customs staff  intercept transport of illicit and illegal items promptly.

Designed to safely monitor and control the ever-increasing number of passengers through the station, the equipment installed by FIMA will also ensure that customs and border officials enjoy better working conditions in the future.