FIMA to update surveillance system on the Belarus border

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The surveillance system on the Padvarionys Cordon section of the border will be updated before the end of 2020. The system on this 33 km section of border between Lithuania and Belarus will be modernised by the smart infrastructure solutions company, FIMA, after it won a public procurement tender organised by the State Border Guard Service (SBGS).

“Without intelligent surveillance systems, it is hard to imagine that our border guards would be able to continue to work so successfully. About half of the 1,073 km of the EU’s external border in Lithuania is covered by such modern systems,” said Vytautas Ulevičius, Head of the Border Surveillance Division of the SBGS Border Control Organisation Board. “Our goal is control of the entire section of the Belarus and Russian border using technical systems. The first video surveillance system on the Padvarionys Cordon was installed six years ago. Since then, the number of attempts to illegally cross the border on this section has decreased significantly. The system allows for the efficient detection of border violations and also provides a deterrence. However, the service life of this equipment is coming to an end and in order to continue its effective operation and ensure conformity with our organisation’s highest security standards, it has to be updated,” he added.

The FIMA specialists implementing the project will replace the old analogue system with a system which uses IP-based technology. This will ensure the highest quality of images as well as day and night object recognition accuracy even during severe weather. The existing system will be expanded with the installation of 100 sets of new surveillance cameras featuring the highest technological parameters. This will mean that zones which were previously unreachable will now be covered. A number of the video cameras will be thermal imaging cameras with infrared projectors to allow better visibility.

“We are the security system experts and so have been given the task of creating a system which will enhance the work of its users by promptly identifying potential threats and transmitting high quality images to the centre’s staff, all the time reducing the number of false alarms. The system’s operating accuracy is very important in a large surveillance network,” said Giedrius Zaicevas, FIMA security system expert.

The project also involves updates of the server, video recording and operator station equipment, which will guarantee the reliable operation of the more advanced and expanded system. The computer network will be modernised along the entire Padvarionys border section by adapting its capacity to process an increased flow of data. In addition, the project will include software updates to ensure its compatibility with the modernised system, while the additional surveillance equipment will be integrated into the existing border surveillance system.