FIMA installs a traffic surveillance system on Lithuania’s tallest building

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From January this year, Susisiekimo Paslaugos, a municipal enterprise managing Vilnius’s transport infrastructure, will be using modern video cameras to monitor traffic in the capital. These cameras have been  installed on Lithuania’s tallest– the Vilnius Television Tower. The cameras will guarantee the smooth monitoring of traffic flows on congested streets within a radius of about 2.5 km. According to data from the city's Traffic Control Centre, this video surveillance system will be probably the highest such installation in the country and the first cameras in Vilnius which are able to register images at such long distances. This will mean that there will be prompt real-time responses to various traffic situations.

“These video cameras featuring special technical parameters have been installed at a height of 180m and are adapted for extreme weather conditions. That means that images will continue to be transmitted even when there are high winds gusting up to 38 m/s. The cameras are also equipped with a night vision function with infrared lighting, which guarantees high picture quality including during the night. The 48x optical zoom provides for the detection of traffic problems as well as the rapid resolution of urgent traffic holdups,” said Justinas Grigaliūnas, Director of FIMA Service Centre which was responsible for installation of the video surveillance system.

According to the representatives of the municipal enterprise, the video monitoring system will be essential for regulating traffic, improving the general flow of vehicles and resolving traffic situations. The system will result in better and more rapid real-time responses to changes in traffic flow and better resolution of traffic incidents. Over the longer term, it will improve response times and so reduce journey times for drivers and users of public transport. That will also mean reductions in air pollution and fuel consumption.