Rail Systems in the Rengė Section to Be Installed by FIMA

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FIMA has commenced the system design works as part of a project to rebuild the Rengė rail section on the Lithuanian-Latvian border. Under the deal concluded with the general contractor of this project, FIMA is to install or rebuild rail traffic management and power supply systems.

“The aim of Lithuanian Railways is to restore rail traffic on the Rengė section as soon as possible. I am sure that the experience gained by FIMA’s specialists in railway infrastructure projects will ensure the smooth implementation of the project within an ambitious timeline,” Vytautas Zinkevičius, the CEO of FIMA commented.

On the 19km section of track from Mažeikiai to the state border with Latvia, FIMA will rebuild the semi-automatic interlocking system, the signalling systems for five level crossings and the power supply, lighting and electric point heating equipment. It will also adjust the existing rail traffic management equipment at Mažeikiai railway station and will lay a trunk communication cable from the station to the state border with the Republic of Latvia. This will interface between the local signalling equipment and that of Latvian railways as well as enable its operational control.

FIMA Group companies are also implementing several railway projects in Latvia and Poland including the modernisation of rail infrastructure in the Port of Liepaja, the modernisation of traffic management systems on the E20 section of line between Siedlce-Terespol in Poland, the modernisation of the traffic management, power supply and telecommunications systems on the Nysa-Opole section of line 287 in Poland, etc.

The completion of the Rengė rail section rebuilding project is scheduled to take place by the end of the year.