Aleksandrs Grebežs to head FIMA in Latvia

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Aleksandrs Grebežs, the former Commercial Director of Latvian company SIA FIMA which is part of the smart infrastructure solutions group of companies, FIMA, has been appointed Chairman of the Board as of 2nd July.

Mr Grebežs has worked at SIA FIMA since 2011. In 2014, he was appointed its Technical Director and in May 2018 he took up the duties of Commercial Director. Mr Grebežs has gained enormous experience in managing large-scale integrated projects and achieved excellent results in the successful reorganisation of the sales and business development activities. He has led and supervised the implementation of significant projects which have required non-standard solutions including such projects as the modernisation of Liepaja Railway Station, the construction of the Akropole shopping centre and the installation of data centre infrastructure as well as complex security systems.

Mr Grebežs believes that there are no insoluble issues. Finding the right solution simply requires the will, energy and correct approach. He said that having the support of a great team has been a significant contributing factor to his promotion. “A manager is strong if he works hand in glove with a strong and supportive team and it is this kind of team which forms the basis of FIMA’s success.”

Olita Augustovska, the former Chairwoman of the Board who has led the company since February 2018, will take up the role of Chief Operating Officer. Her experience as the head of the company and project manager has helped to transform the company by focusing its resources to the strategic business areas and to maintain company’s leading position.