FIMA installs a fire protection system at the Lithuanian Central State Archives

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FIMA has modernised the fire protection system at four storage facilities owned by the Lithuanian Central State Archives (LCVA). These house unique documents and others of particular importance of the Republic of Lithuania.

During the work, FIMA specialists dismantled the obsolete automatic gas extinguishing system in the LCVA building, and designed and installed a new fire alarm and automatic high-pressure (130 – 150 bar) water mist system. The new system will operate for at least 60 minutes during a fire without interruption.

“We have chosen the water mist system for the archive’s storage facilities due to its significantly lower maintenance costs, simpler installation and servicing and because it does not pose any hazard to people or the environment. In addition, the effective functioning of this system does not require the rooms to be air tight, which was a prerequisite of the gas system”, said LCVA Director Dalius Žižys.

The reconstruction means that important documents are now protected from destruction by fire. These LCVA storage facilities hold documents produced by Lithuania’s highest authorities and most important institutions, including those produced by presidents and diplomatic missions between 1918 and 1940. There are more than one million files on shelving which runs to more than 10.5km in length.