A new CEO of FIMA has been appointed

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From now on, Vytautas Zinkevičius becomes a new chief executive officer at intelligent engineering solutions company FIMA. Former company’s business development director will replace Gintaras Juknevičius, who has been in charge for almost 13 years.

“Lithuanian infrastructure modernization market in which FIMA operates is currently undergoing significant changes. As a result of very significant investments into railway infrastructure in European countries including Poland, in the last few years FIMA started implementation of a new strategy increasing focus on international development. During the leadership of Gintaras Juknevičius, FIMA consolidated its leadership position, implemented a number of significant and regionally unique projects and completed a major acquisition in Poland. We are very grateful to Gintaras for his hard work and contribution to the development of the company", -commented Kristine Berzina, chairman of the Board of FIMA UAB.

According to her, FIMA is an amazing company. It is unique in terms of its employees' competence and skills, its strong position in the market and its image. We are very happy to appoint Vytautas Zinkevičius as the new head of the company and are confident that he together with the experienced team of employees will achieve inspirational results.
Vytautas Zinkevičius has been in the company for 10 years, until now he had been responsible for the development of the company's activities, development of new solutions and cooperation with partners, and overseeing activities of subsidiaries.

"The immediate and fundamental goal of the company is to ensure a sustainable business of group of companies in the region, exploiting the essential competences of our company. Recently, we are witnessing significant changes in the management of public infrastructure projects and in decision-making priorities. Efficiency is no longer a declarative phrase, today it is a tangible criterion for developing public services. In addition, a large number of technological solutions are greatly simplified, easy to install and manage. FIMA has a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, so we will focus our business on complex solutions, where one needs to solve a unique problem where standard solutions are not relevant",- commented V. Zinkevičius.

Jaroslavas Masliukas, the CAO, also left the company FIMA. Ričardas Vandzinskas has been appointed as the CFO of FIMA UAB, in addition to his role of Group CFO.