Modernization project of Liepāja railway station implemented by Fima wins the competition “Latvian Construction Industry Annual Award”

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Celebrating the brightest and the best quality construction projects of the last year, on 10 March, annual “Latvian Construction Industry Annual Award 2015” took place with 95 nominated objects in ten categories. LLC (SIA) FIMA became the winner in category “Reconstruction of Engineering/Infrastructure Structures” for the reconstruction project of Liepāja railway station.

Purpose of the project was implementation of large scale reconstruction works of Liepāja railway station, mainly including modernization of alarm system and reconstruction of railway track aimed at improvement of security and increase of the freight flow capacity of this logistic hub.

“Reconstruction project of Liepāja railway station is a significant step towards the improvement of infrastructure of Latvian railway. Construction of the new system significantly increases freight flow capacity in the direction of Liepāja port. Project of such scale is significant nationwide, thus, wonderfully showing the competency of local specialists and their ability to combine forces with global scale partners,” commented Jānis Vilmanis, Chairman of the Board of the LLC (SIA) “FIMA”.

Organizers of the competition are magazines "Latvijas Būvniecība" and "Latvijas Architektūra" in association with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, the Ministry of Economics, the State Inspection for Heritage Protection, Riga City Council Property Department, Latvian Association of Structural Designers, society "Zaļās mājas", Latvian Association of Renovators, Latvian Chamber of Crafts, and the society "Building Design and Construction Council".