FIMA wins Šiauliai early warning system maintenance contract

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FIMA, the intelligent engineering solutions provider, has been contracted to provide early warning system maintence in Šiauliai, Lithuania’s fourth largest city.

In early 2016, the Department of Public Order and Civil Safety at Šiauliai City Municipality signed an agreement with FIMA on maintenance services for the civil safety early warning sirens in the city of Šiauliai. Under the contract, the company will provide the services to the city for two years.

FIMA has undertaken to renovate and test the system, update voice messages and replace a certain number of the stand-alone system batteries so that the sirens will remain operational in case of power cuts.

Once the warning system is activated, sirens will sound and an announcement will warn on the type of disaster risk, including chemical spillages, radiation risk, catastrophic flooding and strong winds as well as air raids. The system also has a function to alert residents of warning system tests.