FIMA shares its experience at the Datacenter Forum in Stockholm

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How do you build a data center inside the EU’s tallest TV tower? Aleksandrs Grebežs, technical director of FIMA subsidiary in Latvia, shared challenges and experience with 300 experts at the Datacenter Forum in Stockholm.

The Datacenter Forum series oriented towards Scandinavian market was launched with introduction of the latest solutions and trends to industry experts. The event featured discussions on innovations, development of data centers and challenges in the future.

According to Mr Grebežs, Latvia and Scandinavian countries confront similar challenges, such as climatic conditions. In relation to this, they are on a similar technical level and Latvia even surpass the Scandinavian ones in terms of up-to-date control systems. Nevertheless, Scandinavian data centers are considerably larger.

Recording of the speech of FIMA’s representative: designing and building a data center inside the EU’s tallest TV tower.