Fima Presents Smart Building Vision

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 The future belongs to smart buildings. Smartness means a wise choice of building maintenance and management technology. Šarūnas Liktoravičius, sales director of the ICT department at FIMA, presented smart building management solutions during a conference, “What makes buildings smart? Buildings and environmentally-friendly smart technologies”, held in Vilnius.

Legal regulation trends, the benefits of smart buildings, modelling solutions and technologies were presented during the conference, which was organised by Structum magazine. The speakers included the Lithuanian Vice-Minister for the Environment, a member of the board of the Lithuanian Green Building Council, architects, and business representatives, with a total of about 300 participants attending the event.

According to Mr Liktoravičius, all building management systems will employ IT in the future, because it enables easy integration of the various systems, data processing, and the adoption of the most efficient building management decisions.

“There are several reasons for this. The energy efficiency requirements for buildings are becoming increasingly stringent. Furthermore, users of buildings tend to force builders to evaluate and bear the costs of building maintenance and energy usage. The importance of comfortable workstations with adjustable, high-quality lighting, heating and ventilation is also increasing. Construction companies should therefore start thinking today of whether their building will be functional and competitive 10 or 15 years later” said Mr Liktoravičius.

FIMA implements engineering, communications, security, data transmission, automation and other systems for buildings and develops solutions for the integration and centralised management of the systems.