FIMA presents new-generation traffic enforcement cameras

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FIMA has presented the latest traffic enforcement solutions at a conference on road infrastructure held in Vilnius in August.

The conference, titled ‘The Economic, Usability and Safety Solutions for Road Infrastructure’  organised by the Structum magazine, was attended by approximately 250 participants. The latest insights into how to improve road infrastructure and traffic safety were shared by the Lithuanian deputy transport minister, Lithuanian Roads Administration experts, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University scientists and solution suppliers.

Speaking at the conference, FIMA Solutions Department Director Rokas Slekys denied the myth that drivers tended to speed up immediately after passing a speed camera. He said research indicated that drivers tended to maintain lower speeds for up to 10 km after a traffic enforcement camera, especially if the cameras are known to be operational and are clearly visible. He said fixed speed cameras would remain key safety components on some road stretches with major intersections as well as city streets.

Meanwhile, average speed camera systems, which Lithuania is planning to adopt soon, help ensure traffic safety on longer stretches of the road, such as motorways, he said. Research shows that up to 85 pct of drivers respect speed limits on roads where average speed cameras are in operation.

FIMA has been implementing intelligent transport systems for more than a decade. It installed and is responsible for the maintenance of Lithuania‘s network of fixed speed enforcement cameras since 2008.