FIMA installs latest technologies at Klaipėda Drama Theatre

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Klaipėda Drama Theatre has reopened after reconstruction work and now provides the audience and actors a more comfortable venue while at the same time making management and maintenance of the building much more straightforward.

In what is now one of the most advanced theatres in Lithuania, FIMA, the intelligent engineering solutions provider, installed the latest fire alarm and evacuation, building management and automation, as well as security, video surveillance and transmission systems.

Inside the theatre, video cameras have been installed that give coverage of both the auditorium and the stage. There are also screens installed in the theatre’s make-up rooms to provide actors with a live feed so they see what is happening on stage while getting ready to perform.

Overall, FIMA has installed 42 video surveillance cameras, more than 400 fire alarm sensors, more than 350 security system sensors and 60 speakers to be used in case of an emergency and evacuation.

The theatre now has a dedicated control room with monitors, ensuring complete monitoring and control of all of the building’s engineering systems. Building managers no longer need to check on every piece of equipment as the necessary information is available on the spot. In addition, the systems are fully automated and help to reduce energy costs.