FIMA implements latest engineering solutions for Latvian TV channel

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From now on, the Latvian TV channel LNT will be aired from one of the most advanced studios in the Baltics. SIA FIMA, FIMA’s Latvian subsidiary, provided telecommunications, security, power supply and air conditioning systems and a server room infrastructure that now hosts all key systems ensuring the channel’s operations.

The new LNT studio with the server room is located at the Riga Industrial Park. TV3, another channel of the MTG Group, moved to the same building earlier in the year.

SIA FIMA worked to a very tight schedule so the TV channel could move into the new facilities without interrupting its broadcasts.

The two TV channels will now operate under the same roof, while the technologies, upgraded communications networks and other intelligent solutions provided by by SIA FIMA will improve efficiency, cut running costs and enable production of high-quality TV content.

This is a major step forward in today’s rapidly developing TV industry where broadcasters are adopting the latest content transmission systems while viewers have a wide array of viewing platforms to choose from.