FIMA equips labs at Lithuania‘s biggest research centre

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The largest science and technology centre Lithuania – the National Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (NCPST) – was opened in Vilnius on 15 March, which will house the most advanced research facility in the Baltics for physics, chemistry and technologies.

FIMA installed part of the centre‘s core research laboratories, which meet high-class cleanroom, microclimate, noise and vibration requirements.

These labs are certified under very high ISO 5, ISO 6 and ISO 7 cleanroom standards.

The company installed all of the technical infrastructure required in cleanrooms, including special modular cleanroom walls, high-grade ventilation systems, as well as a water supply and purification systems to produce de-ionised Type-II purified water for use in lab tests.

FIMA also supplied all of the centre‘s labs with 150 fume hoods to protect premises from chemical gases and provided top-class laboratory equipment and furniture.

In addition, Fima experts made all main systems integration service of the NCPST , from video surveillance to power supply and building infrastructure management.

The science and technology infrastructure on the four-storeyed 27,000-square-metre compound will be open not only to scientists, but also to businesses. More than 700 researchers and students will be able to perform scientific research and experiments at the centre simultaneously.