Delivery of high-performance transformers for electrified section of railway

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A number of high-performance transformers which will supply power to the electrified section of railway from Naujoji Vilnia to Lithuania’s border with Belarus have been delivered in Lithuania. These will also supply power to the signalling systems and other substations run by Lithuanian Railways.

Following an order by FIMA, two 25 MVA and 110/27.5kV traction transformers were delivered from Croatia, to power the electrified section from the border with Belarus to Lentvaris. Two lower power transformers – delivering 2.5 MVA and 110/10kV voltage – will serve other Lithuanian Railways substations.

The transformers were manufactured by Končar, a Croatian company which makes equipment that meets the project’s technical requirements.

It took eight trucks to deliver all of the equipment which included the extra-large transformers, associated parts and specially refined oil. The trucks were unloaded at Naujoji Vilnia where a new substation is already being assembled to replace the old one.

The project is part of a wider scheme to electrify the section of railway between Naujoji Vilnia and Kena which is currently being implemented by FIMA.