Unique equipment, never seen before, deployed in the railway section under electrification

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FIMA, in charge of electrification of the railway section from Naujoji Vilnia to the Belarus border, has recently acquired special machinery by Palfinger, a famous Austrian company, and SVI S.p.A, an Italian company; it is designed to lay a contact line in an electrified railway section.

According to Mr Gintaras Juknevičius, the CEO of Fima, “this is some of the most sizeable investment we have made in the project; we trust it will be useful, since it allows for a faster, more efficient and more precise completion of the work. We have purchased machinery in light of plans to have more railway line electrification projects both locally, and abroad.”

Cutting-edge machinery can now lay contact lines in both wide (Russian), and narrow (European) gauge railways. Full use of the equipment above allows for positioning of over 2 kilometres per day of load-bearing cable and contact line in a single railway section.

This is one of the most advanced types of machinery available on the market. It is employed for railway electrification in a number of developed countries such as Germany, Italy, and the UK. This type of machinery for contact line ensures adequate tension of contact lines and directs it right to brackets, leaving workmen on site with only the need to attach a line.