Resident of Liepaja get chance to see work of a unique design

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SIA FIMA, which is responsible for the modernisation a section of railway in Liepaja, Latvia, has given the local community a surprise. The company has erected some unique outdoor benches, based on wooden cable reels, at Beberlini Park in Liepaja.

SIA FIMA turned to Studio Vulgaris, Latvian industrial designers, and Kurk aplinką pats (Make your own environment) society. These eco-friendly works fit perfectly in the surroundings which provide an area for camping. Beberlini Park is now being developed on a site that once hosted a military port.

Mr Vilmanis, director of SIA FIMA, said: “We are really delighted to see these items made use of again. The modernisation of Liepaja station has involved laying a number of cables. The wooden cable reels that had been finished with were stored in a warehouse, which gave us the idea to make them fit in with the environment. The designers have helped us to develop several prototypes to show possible uses for these reels. We are glad the idea did not go unnoticed and that the benches found their way to the camp site at Beberlini Park which is now being run by some forward-thinking people.”

Mr Vilmanis believes that this provides an excellent example of business making a contribution to the wellbeing of society. The company expects to take this idea further with a further 100 wooden reels that are being stored.