Latvian Railways updates data transmission network

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Latvian Railways has installed the latest data transmission network nationwide. The installation is the largest IT upgrade in Latvijas dzelzceļš’s history and SIA FIMA played a major role in the project.

The new data transmission network will be critical to ensuring both the safety and efficiency of rail traffic. These latest voice and technology communication solutions will reduce the number of breakdowns and downtime.

Jānis Vilmanis, chairman of the Board of SIA FIMA, said: “This was a highly complex project while the deadline given for it to be completed was just 18 months and presented us with another significant challenge. However, because we used highly professional partners in the project we were able to complete it on time.” FIMA’s consortium partners were SMN and Belam.

FIMA undertook work on 182 pieces of Latvijas dzelzceļš’s infrastructure. The works included installation of a fibre optic cable, telecommunication equipment, setting up a new data transmission network and installation of a modern speaker system in stations at Liepaja and Ventspils.