FIMA wins Lithuanian Product of the Year gold medal

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FIMA was awarded a gold medal at the Lithuanian Product of the Year national awards hosted by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for its installation of an integrated staff and vehicle access control and time and attendance registration system at Lifosa, a fertiliser plant.

Before FIMA’s work, the plant used separate systems for access control for people and vehicles and time and attendance registration. These were not integrated and data exchange between them was not possible. “Lifosa defined its needs clearly and prepared excellent terms of reference as well as being open to innovation. We knew right from the start that the project required a unique and customised rather than an off-the-shelf solution. It also demanded an integrated approach. We faced the challenge of integrating stand-alone systems into a single one that met the requirements of all the systems,” FIMA’s engineer and expert, Dr Gediminas Vilkaitis, said.

FIMA’s role in the project was to integrate HR, accounting, logistics, video surveillance and access control systems which had all been supplied by different manufacturers. As part of the integrated system concept, video surveillance, access control, registration plate recognition and time and attendance registration systems were introduced and integrated with existing HR, registration and logistics systems. Special software was tailored to the plant’s needs to enable control of the systems via a single interface.

Customised to the company’s specific needs, this bespoke solution ensures efficient and easy access control for more than 1,000 employees and visitors, time and attendance records and other processes and has improved safety for everybody on site. Lifosa’s integrated and automated staff and vehicle access control and time and attendance registration system is unique in Lithuania.