FIMA uncovering a vision for future video surveillance systems in Riga

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Current video surveillance system technologies can record high-resolution images even in the most unfavourable settings; they also allow duty officers to spot offenders and any suspicious situations. Šarūnas Pavilionis, an engineer and expert of FIMA, a company offering intelligent engineering solutions, presented some of these topics at DSS ITSEC 2015, the annual international security conference hosted in Riga.

700 participants convened at the international conference, and enjoyed presentations relating to the safety of cloud computing, and mobile devices, critical infrastructure in the industry, security data encoding, cyber security legal framework, e-voting reliability, and other related topics.

The conference focused on security aspects of information and communication technologies in the Baltics, Nordic countries, and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Event participants discussed trends in the industry, were open for new partners, shared experiences, and saw cutting-edge technologies.

According to Mr Pavilionis, “two key trends have now emerged in the field of video surveillance technologies, and camera definition is but one of these. Some action-packed films display effects where a video camera can zoom-in on a completely bloated image, and make it perfectly crisp, as if from sci-fi. Fantasy is now at the point of reality. The second important trend relates to image processing. Intelligent image analysis software has advanced so much it can now replace a duty officer – it can now distinguish certain objects, on a behavioural basis, thus ignoring common passers-by, while spotting an object whose movement causes suspicion.”