FIMA Polska’s tender for a server room of the Polish Institute of Geology is successful

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A proposal made by FIMA for a server room in the National Institute of Geology in Poland was ranked the best in a tender where 8 companies took part. The contract is scheduled for signature in late August or early September 2015. It is expected that the compilation of documents will be completed 125 days after the contract is signed.

The tender required letters of reference certifying the design of wide range of documents for a server room covering an area of at least 200 m2 and with IT power of at least 300 kW. FIMA’s competitors included Qumak S.A. and FAST Group Sp. z o.o.

The National Institute of Geology, a public research institute (PIG-PIB), was established in 1919 and is the oldest national research institute in Poland. The institute conducts in-depth research into the geological structure in the country and to find practical applications for the knowledge gained to serve the needs of both the national economy and the environment.