Data centre designed by FIMA opens

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A new Data centre, which is expected to receive Tier III certification, has just been opened in Vilnius. FIMA, working to a commission by the company, Rakrėjus, designed the centre and installed ventilation, air conditioning, gas fire suppression systems, a fire alarm and automation systems.

FIMA installed efficient cooling equipment manufactured by Emerson, a US company. The equipment ensures that the Data centre remains cool by using air from outside which is then mixed with inside air. This produces optimal operating temperatures throughout the premises.

Arūnas Jurkša, FIMA’s Data centre project manager, said: “There is now a clear trend with most Data centre developers wanting maximum energy efficiency delivered by innovative cooling systems. Having reliable infrastructure is just as important especially for customers who are based abroad and want to ensure that reliability and high quality are available when they set up in Lithuania.” Mr. Jurkša is, to date, the only Tier designer in Lithuania who holds Uptime Institute certification.

Rakrėjus Data centre houses 140 server cabinets with an option for this number to be expanded to 450. FIMA completed the work at the data centre in just 12 months.