Avaya appreciated the partnership with FIMA and FIMA Center Service

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Avaya, a global leader in business communication systems, confirmed that the company FIMA meets the quality criteria established by Joint Service Delivery for system installation and maintenance. The leading intelligent engineering solutions integrator operating in Lithuania successfully completed Avaya’s Service Partner Assessment Programme.

“We are happy to continue our cooperation with FIMA. We appreciate the efforts in preparing for an audit of the quality systems and internal processes. Our hopes are that this has enabled you to analyse your business practice and use this experience to further successfully improve your business processes”, said Csilla Fekete, Avaya representative for the Service Partner Assessment. This certification granted to FIMA will be valid for three years.

The partnership between FIMA and Avaya, a company providing communication, contact centre and data transmission solutions, was launched in 2001. Two years later, FIMA was the first to be awarded Silver Partner status in the Baltics. FIMA became a Gold Partner in 2006 and a Platinum Partner in 2015.

Avaya is an international technology company with over one million customers worldwide. The company provides communication systems for contact centres, customer experience management solutions, corporate data transmission equipment and related services to large enterprises, midmarket companies, small businesses and government organisations.

FIMA is the sole partner of the company in the Baltics to be awarded Platinum Partner status.

FIMA has also signed partnership agreements with the world’s largest hardware and software manufacturers, such as Lenovo, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Dell, VEEAM, etc.