A unique data sharing network in Latvia

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The latest data sharing network for Academic Centre has just been set up and launched in Latvia, opening up new opportunities for local scientists to collaborate with their colleagues across Europe.

The Academic data sharing network will encourage scientists throughout Latvia to share research and education information and benefit from virtual opportunities offered by laboratories and scientific publications, give access to unique and expensive equipment, open up scientific databases and provide opportunities to process, store and transfer large quantities of data.

The network now connects research facilities in Riga, Daugavpils, Rezekne, Salaspils, Valmiera, Jelgava, Liepaja, and Ventspils; it will provide an opportunity to all scientists working in Latvia to access international Academic data which is available across digital networks.

FIMA has installed an open data centre at the Academic Centre at Riga Technical University in Kypsala. Data centre users will be able to import their own calculation equipment and have access to other resources.

Janis Vilmanis, chairman of FIMA’s SIA board, said: “The open data centre project at the academic centre is unique, in that it combines the IT resources of more than 20 university colleges and institutes under one roof at Riga Technical University. The Data centre is at the heart of the entire academic network. Our experts have designed a highly technical project, carried out the construction work and ensured integration of the full range of technologies in accordance with latest IT requirements. This was invaluable experience for us”. 

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