Smart electrical line installations to speed up the restoration of supply for Klaipėda households

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The electricity distribution networks operator, LESTO, continues to invest in new technology. Smart electrical grid sectioning facilities (automatically controlled switching units referred to as reclosers) are being introduced in the Klaipėda region. Once a fault occurs on an electricity supply line, these installations will automatically restore electricity supply for most households in seconds. FIMA specialists have been tasked with the design and installation of the new systems.

Reclosers will be introduced by breaking down the region’s electricity supply line into individual sectors based on the number of customers so that as few as possible are left without electricity if a fault occurs.

“Improving the efficiency of customer care and introducing advanced technology are among the priorities of our long-term operating strategy. To this end, we have been intensively modernising power sub-stations, upgrading different communication systems and electricity supply control systems, etc. Despite bringing substantial improvements to the reliability of electricity supply and fault repair times, most changes are left unnoticed by the customers. This will not be the case with the new installations to be introduced in the Klaipėda grid. Their benefits will be apparent both to dispatchers, enabling them to make rapid and targeted fault repairs on the electricity line, and to end users,” the director of LESTO’s Substation Operation Department, Ligitas Bernatavičius, said.

He pointed out that this is a pilot project. “For the time being, this is only a pilot project. It is the first time that these types of sectioning facilities are being introduced. We will monitor and evaluate how they operate in the Klaipėda region. If the project is a success and proves to work, we will install similar facilities in other parts of Lithuania,” he said.

According to FIMA’S project manager, Valentas Titarenka, the project is notable because it introduces remotely controlled automatic self-restoring facilities to ensure the rapid restoration of electricity supply in case of any interruption. “People will not even notice a fault as the electricity supply will be restored automatically and almost instantaneously for most customers or much faster than before for customers within the fault sector,” he said.

The installations will be integrated with LESTO’S dispatcher control system, SCADA. This will ensure that dispatchers are updated about faults on the sections in real time.

The company is currently involved in design work. Assembly and installation are planned to be completed by the end of October.